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25 Ways to Make Your Wedding Night Perfect

Make your wedding night count by having the best sex ever! Don’t expect too much on your first night, the tip here is just to have fun with your spouse and make this an unforgettable sizzling hot moment with your lifetime partner.


  1. Less Fantasies, More Realities

1It is not a pornographic film, it’s you and your spouse finally joining bodies and souls as one, so don’t expect extraordinary sex skills from your partner. Just take pleasure in your first touch as husband and wife.

  1. Communication is Key

2Communication is helpful not only on your wedding night, but also in your life as a married couple.  It’s so good to let your partner know how you are feeling the moment you locked the door.


  1. Flirt all the Way

3You can start flirting with your partner at the start of your wedding by giving sweet kisses and gentle nudges so you can build anticipation when the night approaches.

  1. Alone Time ASAP

4Leave all your family and relatives behind after the wedding reception and quickly ride back to the hotel or somewhere else that you and your spouse can be all alone.


  1. Feed Each Other

5Giving each other food is an excellent way to get intimate before foreplay. Put some sweet snacks beside your bed, and maybe add some wine to sip.

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10 Responses to 25 Ways to Make Your Wedding Night Perfect

  1. feather rock says:

    hmmmmmn. what else can i say? you got it all right! additionally, i so much believe that good planning is key in getting a perfect wedding night. couples should endeavor to plan and talk about how they want that special night to be.

  2. selena says:

    oh!yeah. wedding night is all about sex! sex!! and sex!!!. a special sexual experience is expected on this special night. i am a living testimony. thanks for this great insight. you are doing a great job here

  3. brandy says:

    you’re really trying your best to make this blog very simple, funny, direct and well detailed for both young and old to read. keep the good work going but note that am not a fan of MARRIAGE OR WEDDING

  4. JUNIOR says:

    If your wedding ceremony is perfect, your wedding night got to be perfect. this fact is directly proportional to each other. nice blog and fuuny but true content

  5. anderson says:


  6. malone says:

    the only thing you need to make your dahm wedding night perfect is “cash”. i mean, “real money”. without cash, all others things are fucked up!

  7. manson lina says:

    wedding night is just like any other night. there’s nothing freaking special about wedding night. lovely facts stated here tho for those looking up to get tied down with that stuff called marriage

  8. angie sydney says:

    a perfect wedding night should comprise of; good communication, alone time, planning ahead, great and thorough thinking, good kisses and hugs. anything apart from this is ‘pure stupidity’. nice content tho

  9. devon blaze says:

    I wonder why any sane human being would comer here and say “sex”, “sex” and “sex”. i believe that more than 90% of young couples in this present generation have got it all wrong. majority of them have had sex more than normal. so why preach sex on your wedding night when you are supposed to pray, communicate positively and think on how you guys would live successfully together

  10. casey says:

    In my own humble opinion, i think the best thing one can achieve on his/her wedding night is “great sex”. this achievement applies to virgins tho. the sex i had on my wedding night is something i would always treasure for life. nice content!

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