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15 Wedding Tasks That You Should Complete Before 30 Days to Avoid Last Minute Chaos



Just like a business proposal, every couple that is getting married must make a list of things that they must have an 180- 120 – 90- 60 – 30-day plan, detailing what they need to do in so many days ahead of their wedding.  It is a good idea to note this down and keep tracking this to ensure a smooth fairy tale wedding.  Here are 15 tips that couples can use for their 30 days check list.

  1. Wedding license

Marriage License Closeup

The groom must take care of the procedures related to procuring the wedding license.  Check out the number of days that the same is valid and also acclimatize yourself with the rules and regulations of the state that you are getting married in.  You will then have enough time to make any changes in case you have the need to do so.



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