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15 Wedding Tasks That You Should Complete Before 30...

10 Ways to Surprise Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

10 Ways to Surprise Your Groom on Your Wedding...

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15 Creative Ways To Say Thank You In A Wedding



A wedding is a place of happiness and blessings, and this is more so because of the great family and friends who have taken their time to attend the wedding. So saying thank you is an integral part of the wedding and if you have to stay it in style then read on to know more about this:

  1. Sending them the picture taken along with you

Wedding gifts with writing paper and photos

This is a great idea for all family members.  Give the details to your photographer and make extra copies of all these photographs.  Send the photo taken on the wedding day and write a note saying how much you enjoyed their presence and company at your most important event.  The invitees can put this into their albums for posterity.



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