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March 14, 2017 Comments (5) How To Avoid

12 Pitfalls Of Wedding Photography Mistakes And You Can Avoid Them After This Post



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Wedding photographs are perfect memories that you can revisit any time that you want and relive the most important day of your lives. You cannot afford to commit any mistakes while taking pictures at your wedding. Here are some of the common 12 wedding photography mistakes and ways you can prevent them from happening.

1. Family members stealing more time

Wedding guest taking photos

When your family members start clicking random pictures of you at your wedding, your photographer’s work gets disturbed greatly. You can inform your guests politely to enjoy the occasion and leave the photo-capturing work to the professionals.

2. Not having a proper schedule

Angry photographer discussing photos with client by mobile phone.

When you don’t discuss your photography schedule with the photographer, he will miss capturing the candid moments. Talk with your agent well in advance and let him know your requirements clearly and the schedule.



3. Not being on time

Man showing photo to female model

If you don’t report on time for the pictures, your photographer may not have time to capture you in the way that you have planned for. Photos may look quite rushed and incomplete. To avoid all of these, ensure that you reach the venue on time and start the ceremonies without any delays.

4. Focussing too much on pictures

Happy bride and groom on their wedding

Couples don’t get their pictures right because they focus too much on striking the pose. Be natural and allow your wedding photographer to capture some candid and free moments, so that you get quality to enjoy with your family and friends.



5. Choosing photographers in a hurry

Cheerful married couple standing on the beach

Never choose your wedding photographers in a hurry if you want your pictures to be perfect. Always check for their past portfolios so that you will get an idea of what to expect from them.



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5 Responses to 12 Pitfalls Of Wedding Photography Mistakes And You Can Avoid Them After This Post

  1. chris oyakilome says:

    too boring!

  2. mary madliney says:

    Just get a professional and highly experienced photographer. my 2 cent!

  3. biancaAU says:

    another great and highly educative and insightful blog content. just keep it up

  4. belinda flouncey says:

    proper schedule cannot be overemphasized. you do it for your own good

  5. roda_banney says:

    be patient and do not interfere with the photographer’s work

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