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Top 50 Wedding Photographer Fails Around The United States

60 Wedding Photos That The Cameraman Wasn’t Expecting To...

March 4, 2016 Comments (0) Fails

100 Wedding Photos Taken At The Perfect Time

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96.) The exact picture of before and after wedding day.


This guy’s so gross. I don’t know why they still want to have their photo taken a right where he will be in the frame as well.

97.) Only the couple agree about this merger.

Nope. Not even a big brawl can change those pleasant smiles on this couple’s faces.

98.) The cat be like: I’m gonna steal the show!

Nice jump! I just hope this cat’s claws don’t cling on the bride’s gown.

99.) Their true identities.

This couple’s faces have been swapped. I think it’s not so ideal for a wedding snap, though.

100.) Isn’t this the cutest thing?

See who wants to have those treats, too? This dolphin seems to be too enticed; he won’t give up so easily.

Do you have similar snaps you would like to share?

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