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100 Wedding Photos Taken At The Perfect Time

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96.) The exact picture of before and after wedding day.


This guy’s so gross. I don’t know why they still want to have their photo taken a right where he will be in the frame as well.

97.) Only the couple agree about this merger.

Nope. Not even a big brawl can change those pleasant smiles on this couple’s faces.

98.) The cat be like: I’m gonna steal the show!

Nice jump! I just hope this cat’s claws don’t cling on the bride’s gown.

99.) Their true identities.

This couple’s faces have been swapped. I think it’s not so ideal for a wedding snap, though.

100.) Isn’t this the cutest thing?

See who wants to have those treats, too? This dolphin seems to be too enticed; he won’t give up so easily.

Do you have similar snaps you would like to share?

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